Chris Colfer
Age: 21
Gleek, actor, screenwriter, soon to be author, self-proclaimed geek, and llama enthusiast.
Married to the most perfect man in the entire world, Darren Everett Criss.

I love you, Darren <3
(Glee cast rp)


Getting Away || Chris & Darren

Family, healing, therapy - those were the words Chris was choosing to associate with his current location. Unpacking his clothes into the hotel’s dresser it was hard to imagine he was in Spain. Not only was he in Spain, but he was there with Darren and their daughter. Just out the window, Chris could see the beach closest to their resort bubbling with activity. It was breathtaking. Finally, finished with putting everything away, Chris lifted Aislinn from her carrier where she had been observing his handiwork and held her to his chest. “Hi baby girl.” He whispered quietly, trying not to cry at the situation he’d gotten himself in. “At least I haven’t messed you up, yet.” Placing the suitcases on the floor, Chris laid down on the bed, letting Aislinn snuggle into his stomach.